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Krom – job search assistance by private providers

In March 2020, the Public Employment Service (PES) launched a new active labour market programme which is on trial in 32 municipalities, Krom. Krom is a programme where job search assistance is given by private providers.

In this project, we will describe Krom with the focus on four topics:

  1. Design and content. How does the Public Employment Service view Krom, and what are the opinions of the private providers?
  2. Who are assigned to Krom, and how do they differ between tracks?
  3. How does the market for Krom evolve? For example, the number and size of private providers. 
  4. What kind of service and support do the participants get in Krom?

We will pursue both a qualitative and quantitative analysis. In the qualitative part we will, for example, interview people at the PES and at private providers. The quantitative part will utilize register data from the PES.

Some features of Krom are new, compared to earlier programmes of job search assistance by private providers in Sweden. For example, participants are assigned to Krom using a statistical profiling tool, the providers have a larger degree of autonomy in the design of support and services, the payment to providers is more heavily reliant on performance and also to a larger degree differentiated by participants’ characteristics (participants are divided into three different tracks based on how closely attached they are to the labour market, as measured by the profiling tool).

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Anahid Zakinian