Can pre-school teacher students be taught to teach science?

Author: Madelen Bodin, And Patrik Lind, And Erik Mellander, And Lena Tibell, And
Dnr: 40/2020

In the late 1990s, the Swedish government requested the universities to cut down their pre-school teacher programmes, to avoid an over-supply of pre-school teachers. Referring to a concurrent lack of science teachers, Umeå University, at short notice, responded by transforming part of its pre-school teacher education to a science-oriented pre-school teacher programme. The change concerned three cohorts of students, admitted 1998–2000. We consider four aspects of the parallel education of regular (standard) and science-oriented pre-school teachers: i) the selection into the two programmes, ii) to what extent the programmes differed, iii) the student completion rates, and iv) the transitions rates to, and the durations in, the pre-school teacher profession.