Beyond good examples. Analyses of municipal variations in the efforts for young people who are neither working nor studying

Author: Lisa Andersson, And Anders Forslund, And Tomas Korpi, And Carina Mellberg, And Renate Minas, And

Dnr: 218/2018

Young people (aged 16–29) who are neither working nor studying (UVAS) is a very vulnerable group. There is no scientific evidence of the contents, organisation and functioning of the municipal efforts. The project participants want to contribute with systematic knowledge about the efforts of the municipalities for this group by taking their starting point in municipalities which, given their structural conditions, have a high and low share of UVAS, respectively. What measures have been taken by the municipalities and how are they organised?

The project uses a so-called explanatory mixed-methods model, a two-stage approach where a quantitative study constitutes the basis for a qualitative study. The quantitative study builds on national register data, while the qualitative study builds on analyses of policy documents and interviews with those in charge at the social services and other agents in 20-30 municipalities.