Evaluation of the municipal public sector employment programme

Author: Eva Mörk, And Lillit Ottoson, And Ulrika Vikman, And
Dnr: 245/2017

The project evaluates the municipal labour market programme Stockholmsjobb, which is aimed at different target groups.

Stockholmsjobb is a public sector employment programme (PSEP) targeting unemployed recipients of social assistance in the municipality of Stockholm. Several municipalities in Sweden use PSEP with the aim of making participants more attractive on the labour market and reducing the costs of social assistance. The programme also entitles unemployed individuals to unemployment insurance. The knowledge of the effects of these programmes on participants’ future employment and their need for social assistance or utilization of the unemployment insurance is very limited.

The project uses data from the City of Stockholm, Statistics Sweden and the National Board of Health and Welfare and will, with the help of matching, find good comparison groups to evaluate the effects of the programme.