What kind of support is given to participants in Rusta och matcha?

Dnr: 180/2021

Rusta och matcha is a programme at the Public Employment Service where jobseekers get job search assistance by private providers. The providers, who get paid for getting jobseekers to enter employment or education, have a large discretion when choosing appropriate support to jobseekers. In this project, we study what kind of support that is given to participants in Rusta och matcha, and if the support differs between groups of jobseekers. To learn about the content of the programme, we have sent surveys to participants. The survey focuses on three main topics: (i) what factors were relevant for jobseekers when choosing among providers? (ii) what kind of support and services did the jobseekers get? and (iii) how did the jobseekers perceive the support they got?