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Sick of my parents? Consequences of parental ill health on adult children

Many countries have an ageing population, and as the proportion of elderly grows, the need for health care and caring services increases. Health care and caring are not only produced by the health care sector: A large proportion of informal care is also provided by family and relatives.

This project investigates the effects on adult children’s labour supply and health of having an ageing parent in need of informal care. As individuals with weaker positions on the labour market are more likely to provide informal care, it is important to take differences across individuals into account to give an unbiased assessment of the effects of having an ageing parent with care needs.

The project utilises the increased care need during 1) the last years of life and 2) as a result of a stroke. By observing sons and daughters before and after the parent dies or has a stroke, the effect of having an ageing parent with increased nursing needs can be studied. The analysis is based on registry data where labour supply is studied in terms of employment and income and health in terms of sick leave. The project analyses gender differences between sons and daughters.

The project is a subproject within the IFAU project 85/04.

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