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Visa Ämnen

Get-jobs - stepping stones or dead ends?

The aim of this project is to study how gig-job experience is valued on the labour market. Does it act as a stepping-stone to finding a regular job? We have sent fictitious applications to vacancies, using an experimental correspondence study design. By randomly varying aspects of the applicants’ CVs, we can estimate the effect of these factors on the probability of being contacted by the employer.

We study the effect of experience from a well-known app-company which provides home delivery of restaurant food. Applications are sent to vacancies from Sweden’s largest job site, Platsbanken. Our sample consists of vacancies with no requirements for post-secondary education or previous labour market experience, e.g., waiting staff, bike messengers, or retail jobs. We limit the sample to the local labour markets of the three largest cities in Sweden, i.e., Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, since this is where the gig-economy is largest. We vary 1) previous labour market experience – from a job in the gig-economy, a similar job in the regular economy, or unemployment, and 2) immigrant background on the fictitious applications. The former allows us to estimate the value of gig-job experience compared to other jobs or not having had a job, while the latter lets us examine whether the effects are different for, e.g., newly arrived immigrants, who tend to have a harder time entering the labour market.

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Anahid Zakinian