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  • IFAU and UCLS Conference on Education and Human Capital

    IFAU and UCLS Conference on Education and Human Capital

    June 20–21, 2023

    The functioning of the education system and the potential for policies to level the playing field are fundamental research questions in the economics of education. This conference aims at bringing together leading scholars in the field to provide better foundations for education policy. Important questions include, e.g., the drivers and consequences of school segregation, the implications of school choice and school governance, and the effects of school resources and teacher training.

    Keynote speakers

    David Figlio Professor of Economics and provost at Rochester University

    Susan Dynarski Professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Education

    The workshop will take place at Krusenberg herrgård, outside of Uppsala and is organized by IFAU in collaboration with UCLS.

    The academic committee consists of Anna Sjögren and Björn Öckert at IFAU. Accommodation is provided at Krusenberg. The organizers will cover accommodation and travel costs (economy) for presenting authors and discussants. We expect to have 10-15 contributed and invited papers.

    The conference is funded by FORTE: Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare and by the Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius foundation and the Tore Browaldh foundation.

    For further information, contact Anna Sjögren at


    Krusenbergs herrgård, Uppsala, Sweden