IFAU has four assignments. These are determined by the government and can be found in the regulations for the authority.

  • Follow-up and evaluation of the labour market activities. We follow up and evaluate new and old labour market policy programmes. We also study the effects of the design of the unemployment insurance. How programmes affect the income and employment effects of the participants is of importance. The analyses are made for different groups (for example women, foreign born individuals and individuals with low education). IFAU also compiles research surveys on the effects of labour market policy.
  • Evaluation of the effects of measures within the educational system. We study education for youths and adults. The focus is on how different measures affect the study results of individuals and their future labour market outcomes. In particular, the analyses study the effects for men and women, different age groups and people with different social backgrounds.
  • Evaluation of the effects of social insurance on the labour market. For example, we study what are the effects of the compensation levels in the social insurances or the rehabilitation efforts on the health of the participants and their return to work.
  • Studies of the functioning of the labour market mainly concern wage formation, labour supply and demand for labour. How are these affected and what are the effects for particularly vulnerable groups?

IFAU also runs a number of methodological projects within all areas. In our evaluations, we are to illustrate the differences between men and women in particular.

We have divided the four assignments into 16 research areas.

Making the evaluations available

The results of our (research)projects are published in Swedish reports and Working Papers in English. We also provide summaries of the results on our webbepage and organise seminars, courses and conferences within our research areas. 


If you have questions about how our research is conducted and how we work with quality assurance, you are welcome to contact communications manager Sara Martinson.