Research fields
Visa Ämnen

Reference group

  • Analyst Fredrik Andersson, Statistics Sweden
  • Senior advisor labour market policy Patrik Karlsson, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
  • Research officer Kristina Lovén Seldén, Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees
  • Analyst Linda Grape, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation
  • Analyst Per Överberg, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
  • Analyst Pål Wilkens, Social Insurance in Sweden
  • Director Tony Malmborg, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
  • Head of Analysis Unit Susanna Okeke, Ministry of Employment
  • Analyst Anna Lundh, Swedish Higher Education Authority
  • Deputy Director Gisela Waisman, Ministry of Finance
  • Analyst Christer Rosén, TRR Academy
  • Head of Section Helena Persson, The Swedish Public Employment Service
  • Head of Section Mattias Sjöstrand, Ministry of Education and Research
  • Research Secretary Ulla Wallin, Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte)
  • Analyst Anna Araskog, The Swedish Agency for Government Employers
  • Director of Education Anneli Melén, National Agency for Education 
  • Examiner Erik Grape, The Swedish Unemployment Insurance Board (IAF)
  • Analyst Linda Simonsen, SACO


Published by:

Jörgen Moen