Information for applicants for research grants

1 General principles for allocating research grants

  • The project must concern research with the objective of evaluating labour market policy motivated measures, studies of the functioning of the labour market, or the evaluation of the effects of various reforms and measures within the educational system.

  • The research should focus on results that are relevant for political deliberations.

  • Since the researchers at IFAU are primarily economists, we also welcome researchers from other disciplines to apply for the grants.

  • Grants are not awarded for honoraria or as supplements to the researcher’s regular salary.

  • Grants are not awarded to project leaders who have not fulfilled their obligations according to previous agreements with IFAU.

  • The applicant must have documented research competency within the field. Graduate students can only apply for grants if a researcher with a Ph.D. is the project leader.

The applications are evaluated by external experts and when making the evaluation, a ranking is done on basis of established scientific criteria which have been drawn up by The Swedish Research Council. The IFAU Scientific Council gives suggestions for decisions about the allocation of research grants after regular scrutiny of the received applications. The Director General makes the formal decision based on the recommendations of the Scientific Council.

2 Grants must have been applied for on October 1 at the very latest

IFAU has a fixed deadline for applications every year. Applications for research grants must have been received by IFAU on October 1 at the very latest.

3 Information about the allocation of grants in November

The IFAU Scientific Council convenes in November in order to give suggestions for decisions on the applications received. All applicants receive written notifications about the allocated funds when the decision has been made public.

4 How to apply for grants?

The project application is done on the relevant form Application for Research Grants which is available in PDF and Word for Windows. Please note that if the project runs over more than one year, you need to specify the financial needs for each year.

Two enclosures are to be submitted together with the form.

  • First, an appendix containing:

    a) the aim of the project, its general structure, theoretical framework and method and its relationship to the rest of the research in the field,
    b) the researcher’s competence and qualifications for the project and his/her current position,
    c) the need for resources, motivation for the costs and possibilities for co-funding. Present and motivate grants for travel, material and other equipment. The appendix must not exceed 7 A4 pages with double spacing.

  • Second an appendix containing the project leader’s CV, including a list of publications. 

The project application is to be submitted both by e-mail and as a signed original to IFAU by regular mail

  • The project application is to be sent as one (1) PDF document to IFAU, e-mail:  on October 1 at the very latest.

  • A signed original that is sent by regular mail to IFAU on October 1 at the latest. We do not consider applications where there is no signed original.

If you cannot submit your application electronically by e-mail, you can choose to submit a project application in hardcopy only. In that case, please send all documents in 16 sorted copies, one of which should be a signed original. This must have been received by us on October 1 at the very latest. Each copy must then contain the application form and the appendices, i.e. be ready to be directly forwarded to the external experts.

For practical questions about the application, please contact Åsa Landqvist at telephone  +46-18-471 70 78, or e-mail
We wil ge back to you during business hours.

5 Final report

When the project has been concluded, the project leader must submit a paper (final report), which should not exceed 50 pages. The main rule is that reports published at IFAU are written in English and that when they are published in the IFAU Working Paper-series, they are summarised in Swedish in order to be published in the IFAU Report-series. 

IFAU has the right, but is under no obligation, to publish all research reports generated by the project. You are welcome to read more about how we ensure quality and other important information for those who have received a grant.