We provide information about your project to the Swecris database

At the request of the Swedish government, The Swedish Research Council collects information about Swedish research funded by research grants in the database Swecris. The objective of the database is to make public and communicate Swedish research and make it possible to make aggregated statistical analyses. IFAU transfer information about those projects that we have granted from 2008 and onwards.

We transfer information about the call for proposals, information from the application about the project and coapplicants/participating researchers and information about decisions that have been made about the application, such as the grant period and the awarded grant. Civic registration number and contact details will not be available to the general public

The information might be transmitted from Swecris to the university that is managing the funds of the grant in question.

So that you as a researcher and academic are be able to distinguish your research from research with other similar names, the Swedish Research Council recommends that you register an ORCID-id. Read more about ORCID.

Voluntariness and register excerpts

Registration in Swecris is voluntary, so please contact IFAU if you do not wish for you data to be transferred to Swecris. If you are registered in Swecris, you have the right to ask for register excerpts to be able to check what information that has been registered about you. The Swedish Research Council is the controller for personal data as concerns data in Swecris and is obliged to rectify incorrect information at the request of the registered person in question.

If you want to know more: Contact swecris@forskning.se for further information.