Deaton Review of Inequality: Country studies

Author: Arizo Karimi, And Charlotte Lucke, And Mårten Palme, And

Dnr: 208/2020

This project is a part of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) Deaton Review of Inquality, an international collaboration aimed at documenting and understanding the evolution of inequality over time in multiple countries. The project studies inequality in broad terms; in addition to income inequality, the project explores inequality in health, wealth, and early life conditions. The purpose of the review is to also understand how inequalities arise, which aspects of inequality are important, why they are important, and which policy instruments are effective in combatting inequality.

Our project contributes to the Deaton Review on Inequality with evidence from Sweden. We document several aspects of income inequality in Sweden and how these have evolved from the mid-1980s until today.