Active labour market policies and real-wage determination - Swedish evidence

Author: Anders Forslund, And Ann-Sofie Kolm, And

Published in: Research in Labor Economics 2005, vol. 23, pp. 381-441

Summary of Working paper 2000:7

A number of earlier studies have examined whether extensive labour market programmes (ALMPs) contribute to upward wage pressure in the Swedish economy. Most studies on aggregate data have concluded that they actually do. In this paper we look at this issue using more recent data to check whether the extreme conditions in the Swedish labour market in the 1990s and the concomitant high levels of ALMP participation have brought about a change in the previously observed patterns. We also look at the issue using three
different estimation methods to check the robustness of the results. Our main finding is that, according to most estimates, ALMPs do not seem to contribute significantly to an increased wage pressure.