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Visa Ämnen

Does adult education at upper secondary level influence annual wage earnings?

Abstract of Working paper 2007:9

Adult education at upper secondary level (AE) is an integral part of the Swed­ish educational system. Of the cohort born in 1970, about one third has at some point been registered in AE. This evaluation of AE is the first to use reg­ister data on the course credits actually attained. The results indicate that cred­its equal to one year of AE yield point estimates that range from 5 per cent for indi­viduals with prior two-year upper secondary school to 15 per cent for those with prior compulsory school. The positive effects are mainly driven by courses in health related subjects and computer science. Of the participants in AE, more than 40 per cent continue to university. The returns to years in higher edu­cation are not found to be dif­ferent between individuals with and without a prior AE regis­tration except for those with one year or less at uni­versity.

Keywords: Adult education, wage earnings
JEL-codes: J68, H52

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