Gig-jobs: stepping stones or dead ends?

Author: Adrian Adermon, And Lena Hensvik, And

Published in: Labour Economics, online first ( April 2022)

Summary of Working paper 2020:23

How useful is work experience from the gig economy for labor market entrants searching for traditional wage jobs? We conducted a correspondence study in Sweden, comparing callback rates for recent high school graduates with (i) gig-experience, (ii) traditional experience,
and (iii) unemployment history. We also study heterogeneous responses with respect to perceived foreign background. Our findings suggest that gig-experience is more valuable than unemployment, but less useful than traditional experience for majority applicants. Strikingly however, no form of labor market experience increases the callback rate for minority workers.

Keywords: Gig-jobs, correspondence study, discrimination
JEL classification: J23, J71