Technological change and the Swedish labor market

Published: 11 November 2020

Author: Georg Graetz, And

This report takes stock of recent research into the effects of technology on the labor market; assesses to what extent the Swedish labor market has been affected by technological change in the past three decades, in particular with respect to the themes highlighted by the research; and draws lessons for the future. The main conclusion is that so far, the Swedish labor market has adopted well to technological change, as it exhibits stable employment rates and steady wage growth across the distribution. Furthermore, there are no clear signs that this situation should change in the coming decades.

Key words: Technology, employment, wages, the Swedish economy
JEL codes: J21, J23, J24, J31, O30, O52


IFAU working paper 2020:19 is written by Georg Gratez at Uppsala University. This working paper is a slightly revised version of a report prepared for the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council (Graetz, 2020). For further information please contact (english).