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Job search during the covid-19 crisis

Sammanfattning av Working paper 2021:1

This paper measures the job-search responses to the COVID-19 pandemic using realtime data on vacancy postings and job ad views on Sweden’s largest online job board. First, new vacancy postings drop by 40%, similar to the US. Second, job seekers respond by searching less intensively, to the extent that effective labour market tightness increases during the first three months after the COVID outbreak. Third, they redirect their search
towards less severely hit occupations, beyond what changes in vacancies would predict. Overall, these job search responses have the potential to amplify the labour demand shock.

Keywords: coronavirus, search intensity, search direction, labour demand shock, job vacancies, online job board
JEL Codes: J22, J23, J21, J62, J63, J64, E24

Läs den svenska sammanfattningenHur har jobbsökandet förändrats under covid-19?

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